Zara socio cultural factors

Also Zara has implemented an RFID system that allows employees to tracks inventory in other stores and online allowing for better customer experience. For example, it has outlined a Global Water Management Strategy, specifically committing to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

Zara also uses solar panels and wind turbines to power their headquarters in Spain Successstory, n. Its design teams regularly visit university campuses; nightclubs and other venues to observe what young fashion leaders are wearing.

zara pestel analysis 2018

At the same time, this constant refreshing of the lines and styles carried by its stores also entices customers to visit its shops more frequently. There is a strong relationship between political and legal factors Louw and Venter,and therefore they will be analysed in conjunction with one another.

These forces are important and their effect on businesses is deep. By choosing to be in the most prominent locations in a city, Zara ensures very high customer traffic for its stores. Key cons include the chaotic stores, high workload and management demanding too much from their employees Glassdoor,

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ZARA Case Study