What our education system needs is more fs essay

In my opinion, Singleton creates a very good argument, but he could have done a better job of including research about the topic. The teacher had many other students who did well in the class, and the failing student may have just refused to do the work. Let your opinion show but don't state it.

The descriptions may have helped Singleton persuade readers if he had provided how other solutions to improve education have not worked. If Singleton indicated where his information came from or how he had the knowledge about the topic through a bibliography, it would have made the article more creditable.

He does not really put the points in any kind of order, but he manages to get his point across.

what our education needs is more fs citation

Students would receive help until they are able to pass and will not pass without knowing the required material. While the content is good and repeated plenty of times in order to stick in the readers mind, the article lacks primary sources.

While this may seem absurd, this is the current trend of students that our educational system is producing in the United States. The nurse began reassuring her and eventually she calmed down.

what our education system needs is more f?s thesis

Yes, I use the word stationed because my grade school was run like a military school. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. Also, the higher standards resulting from failing more students would cause many students to not be able to keep up because many of the students learn at different speeds and levels.

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Writers: Giving Students More F's is not the Solution to Education's Problems