What defines us as americans

What defines us as americans

No sooner was the U. You are an American. One key is their representative form of government: No citizen agrees with every U. Daladier, those who feel most bitterly that democracy and freedom are threatened today, do not think that their national integrity—their conception of what is British or French—is involved. It may seem presumptuous to say that these two fundamental factors—the permanent protest against Europe, and the faith in one definite outlook on life—are the most important qualifications of an American. Even they feel that faith in America is what makes them Americans. The explanation is obvious: there is more monotony in American towns than in those of Europe. In the United States, individuals craft their own definitions of success. However, when one is in an American train, the impression of traveling on nothing more substantial than a network of railroad tracks under which there may or may not be America is very disturbing to the European—as disturbing as the obvious fact that the American male reaches the maximum of happiness when, after a night in a Pullman, he goes into the smoking room to wash and shave in his undershirt, splashing and singing like a morning bird for no other apparent reason than that he is nowhere in particular except far from home , detached from this earth along which he is being carried very fast with the minimum of awareness of its reality. But even the most ardent opponents of Mr.

It may be the reason why things pertaining to the soil retain a peculiar symbolic quality which is in marked contrast with the poignant connotation that these things have in other countries.

To show how distinctively American this conception is, one has only to imagine what would happen if Mr. In fact, many historians agree that patriotism is defined by our values.

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Today one seldom meets an American skeptic, for the reason that nothing is more assuredly unAmerican than to entertain any doubt concerning the fact that somehow or other this country will come out all right.

I love being an American for these reasons and more!!!!!!!!!!! That denominator is nationalism, the strongest single motive which inspires the action of modern men. To most people, however, it is something much more noble than that because it represents an extension of the natural love of man for the country where he was born.

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He is already urbanized, and in any event his numbers are rapidly decreasing. I wouldn't want to be from any other country. We know that sectional patriotism is strong in the forty-eight states, even stronger in many ways than the regional idiosyncrasies of France, Germany, or England. History Millions of women and men from around the world have decided to immigrate to the United States. Is it democratic values? One could argue that Americans have a deep attachment to the section of the map which they occupy, and that they would still love it much if Hitlerism or Stalinism became the law of the land. That is what a true American is. In fact, to become an American is a process which resembles a conversion. Moreover, it is in constant conflict with another impulse, typically American—the urge to move and detach oneself constantly all through one's life from any definite surroundings.

True enough, it has been the luck of Americans never to know all through their history the ordeal of exile from America. The late 19th-century American writer Horatio Alger, deemed by the Encylopaedia Britannica perhaps the most socially influential American writer of his generation, captured this ethos in his many rags-to-riches stories, in which poor shoeshine boys or other street urchins would rise, by dint of their ambition, talent, and fortitude, to wealth and fame.

From the Marshall Plan after World War II to our alliances in East Asia, both Republican and Democratic officials have long embraced a vision of American leadership that fosters a more secure, inclusive and generous planet.

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What does it mean to be an American?