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To develop skills needed to manage an extended piece of academic writing, including enhanced bibliographical management, coherent presentation of footnotes and of primary and secondary sources of whatever kind, and furthering of IT and word-processing abilities.

Handouts should be given to the staff member leading the group 48 hours before the presentation is due so that photocopies can be made. To further develop oral presentation skills through the core though non-assessed requirement to present their work-in-progress to peers and members of the department mid-way through the process, and by partaking in presentation-skills sessions put on as part of module induction.

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The total length of each commentary will be up to about words. In addition, it shall contain a full bibliography. The choice of language Latin or Greek and second essay will be decided by students in consultation with their supervisors, in order to equip them for undertaking the dissertation and any future research.

The dissertation should be submitted according to the normal deadlines for MA by research. The language dossier should be submitted by the end of the summer term full-time or by the end of the summer vacation part-time.

Taught MA in the Visual and Material Culture of Ancient Greece V This degree is based mostly at Warwick but includes one module taught at the British School at Athenswhich focuses on a different skill set for handling ancient Greek material culture from year to year numismatics, epigraphy, pottery, art.

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Aims To increase and enhance knowledge of the classical world by carrying out independent research on a subject of their choice. A comparative study of the Delian league and NATO Reception of Greek mythology in graphic novels The application of international relations theory to major controversies in ancient history Magic and witchcraft in the ancient world To what extent is Alfred Hitchcock inspired by the methods of suspense and drama in Greek tragedy?

The MFA thus combines both taught and research elements over the course of study. The other essay will be on a background topic relevant to the dissertation, or on another area of interest, or it will consist of a translation and analysis of a text, if relevant to the research topic of the dissertation.

To work effectively and constructively with a supervisor, and to further develop time-management skills. Special attention should be paid to methodology and structure.

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Modules in Classics and Ancient History