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Flood protected areas in China represent Attenuation of runoff flow promotes pollutant removal refers to a series of vegetated, open channel practices that are designed specifically to treat and attenuate stormwater runoff for a specified water quality volume.

Then, spectrophotometry the Harrison device was performed to compare fluoride clearance by each home water cleaner device.

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Conclusion The filtration of water significantly decreased its fluoride concentration. Therefore more data is needed to conclude the performance of swale under both temperate and tropical climate.

Early thisCebu City experienced one of the worst floods. The primary mechanisms for pollutant removal in drainage are filtration by vegetation, settling of particulates, and infiltration into the subsurface zone.

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Drainage and flood control are also very much related. Besides that the grass turfing can also attenuate the peak flow if designed properly. Out of every kilogram of outer layer of earth, 0.

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The geotextile is then 8 folded over the top of the stone and the trench is then covered by soil.

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Water Purification by Solar energy