The impact of the media on the ideal figure of a woman

The term " belfie " -- a butt selfie -- was reportedly coined by Kardashian herself.

media influence the female perception of the body image

Meanwhile, the gap between the size and shape of models and that of the average American woman has only continued to widen. Blush, dark eye makeup, and substantial lips were in style, as well as tanning; a sporty and healthy appearance was prized.

female body image issues

Celebrities like Tara Reid Limiting your exposure to exploitative television is a must if you want to rebuild your own positive and realistic body image. Nevertheless, given the more positive trait body image of veiled Muslim women compared to Christian and atheist women, veiling might positively influence body image in the longer term.

In promoting muscularity, these images seem to be promoting healthy exercise. The researchers found that between andaverage female weights in the general population increased, while the women appearing in the media were actually getting thinner.

literature review on body image and the media
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Women's Body Image and BMI: Years in the US