The effect of teamwork on job satisfaction psychology essay

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Finally, the findings revealed that employee training has a significant positive effect onjob satisfaction. More descriptive information is mentioned about Herzberg's Two Factor Theory below.

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Existing studies focus on the impact of organizational culture on implementing interventions [ 36 ], quality improvement [ 37 ], patient safety [ 38 ], or performance [ 3940 ], or focus only on one professional group such as nurses e. The comparison of this predictive IPO model organizational culture Iinterprofessional teamwork Pjob satisfaction O and the predictive IO model organizational culture Ijob satisfaction O showed that the effect of organizational culture is completely mediated by interprofessional teamwork.

Particularly, an effective training program indicates that the management provides its employees with precise and truthful information, and communicates the objectives of training as to ensure that such training programs are relevant to their careers.

To the best of our knowledge, no study has combined organizational culture, interprofessional teamwork and job satisfaction. Self-effacement in the interest of the in-group is one of the normal expectations in that society. This analysis also includes a study in education, aims to assess teacher's job satisfaction in conditions of team working.

Therefore, training can help employees to deal with performance issues by giving explanations about job details. Table 1. Cranny et al. Motivation- Health Theory proposes that we now have some factors within the work and also job environment which cause to satisfaction or insufficient satisfaction.

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The Effect Of Teamwork On Job Satisfaction Psychology Essay