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If that happens, it will streamline transportation and reduce some logistical costs of doing business. Niche restaurants like Oh! Added to that is the increased exposure to international lifestyles and cuisines. The food and service industry is thriving, to say the least. What has worked for the quick service restaurants and international fast food chains in India is the shift in the eating out patterns. One, people can enjoy a vast variety of cuisines under one roof unlike a restaurant that typically serves a specific cuisine. However, eating out for leisure remained a fairly rare phenomenon for majority of the Indian families until the rise of the great Indian middle class post liberalization. French home-style cooking, and slow-cooked foods like cassoulet, are typical.

More than 60 foreign restaurant brands operate in India. Geographically, the prime opportunities are in the urban centers, where higher wages are attracting more Indians. The decor and ambiance of such restaurants are of high-quality, with establishments often having certain rules of dining which visitors are expected to follow, such as, including a dress code or a certain mannerism.

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Even a regular meal at home consists of various staples like rice, chapati, daal, and curry along with accompaniments such as pickles, chutneys,papadams, salad, and raita in a large number of households. Overall, with the right approach and understanding of the market, the potential for return on investment in India remains huge. The use of coconut milk and strong, pungent spices is common to Goan cooking. The Indian restaurant market is 40 times that of Bollywood. New cooking techniques like sous vide are being experimented with in the Indian restaurant kitchen and many of them are inviting foreign chefs to give the Indian consumer a taste of authentic global cuisine. As the name suggests, a casual dining restaurant is a restaurant that serves averagely-priced food in a casual atmosphere. Between and August , they made some 80 deals totaling more than USD million for Indian restaurant development. And as the competition in India heats up, home-grown Indian operators will need to raise their game if they want to stay in the race. The restaurant serving contemporary Indian food is doing extremely well in many cities across the country. Besides these international chains, there are many restaurants started by Indian entrepreneurs serving global cuisines like Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, European, and popular American food. USD 0. But the restaurant industry has nothing to worry about as there are many drivers of growth for this business in India. Seafood is pretty common in the coastal part of the state.

Since many Indians with higher disposable incomes are looking to combine their shopping experience with a quick bite, food courts are drawing consumers in large numbers. No longer is the restaurant business divided into North Indian and South Indian.

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Since he imports all his ingredients, he is able to serve his diners authentic Thai fare with a modern twist. Goa: The food in Goa is deeply influenced by its Hindu culture. Meanwhile, businesses from other areas have also started to enter this lucrative market, according to the iamwire article.

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The report states further that the chain fine dine market in India, which has around 50 players with outlets spread across various cities, is currently worth Rs.

As Western influences percolated down, lifestyles and food habits of Indians began to change.

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It is the platform where restaurants, chefs, brands would find future business models and ideas to address tomorrow's market demand", adds Ritu Marya, Director and Conference Convener, Franchise India. The cuisine of this state has been made popular by the famous Gujarati thali that consists of dishes like daal, kadhi, subzi, papad, and chaas buttermilk served with rice and roti.

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