Technical communication dissertations

Sombounkhanh, Ongkane It is very important that stakeholders of an organisation should understand the vision, policies and strategic plan of the organisation that they are working for, or are involved with, in order for the strategic plan to My research applies rhetorical theory and "economics of attention" to study the implications of EHR technology on the construction of clinical text narratives.

Free access to these objects on the Portal is intended for the long term, and the results of this study call for a reexamination on the part of metadata creators into how they describe primary sources that represent the various cultural groups to better serve the target audiences of these digitized objects.

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Findings related to the group's common identity indicated that the primary characteristic exhibited by group members was information sharing in the form of suggestions, opinions, and orientations instructions and clarifications. In the process of digitization and digital preservation, multiple types of textual information are attached to primary source artifacts, in the form of metadata, which is loosely defined as data about data. This dissertation explored the relationship between Web visitor expectations and their surface credibility judgments about small businesses based on their Websites in this ever-changing Web environment. Finally, reality TV makes meaning about disability through rhetorics of marcato which includes the qualification rhetoric and flying legs rhetoric. Does the patient value the provider's input? Discovery Oil DO , a synonym for the actual company name, is a global entity in terms of gas and oil extraction. Additional quantitative and qualitative data were collected to analyze errors within the syllabus system. Simultaneously, changing circumstances such as globalization and the proliferation of user-generated YouTube video has diminished the opportunity for traditional technical communication. Bea Amaya A case study investigation of the shared identity of the Papua New Guineans against domestic violence Facebook group Still chair , Koerber, Carter This dissertation examined the online interactions of a Facebook group over a six-month period of time in an effort to answer questions about group identity, meaning making, and cultural impacts on the group. This work also extends the work of Kenneth Burke, applying his dramatism to mental illness rhetorics. This study uses a mixed-methods approach comprised of rhetorical analysis, reading reception and eye tracking, and critical theory, to examine the patient-centered communication practices that the ADA implements in its manual. The degree is identical to the one we have offered on-site since ; all degree, coursework, and exam procedures are identical to the on-site degree.

Danielle Marie Saad The other Muslimah: Online counter narratives of Muslim women in alternate web spaces Zdenek chairCargile Cook, Rice The expansion of Islam requires new discussions which take into consideration how today's Muslim women, from widely varied backgrounds, make meaningful decisions about what is most important when practicing their faith.

Therefore, in this dissertation study I uncovered and explored the specific instructional approaches that games use to engage and teach their players. See our program's list of completed dissertations.

I collected data from interviews and focus groups with 63 students, surveys with 25 students, and interviews with 20 career counselors and instructors "advisers" from three research sites.

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I worked with seven participants, and the methods include a nutrition literacy autobiography, concurrent think-aloud protocol while grocery shopping, a nutrition literacy assessment, and an interview. The study employs a collective case study approach with interviewing and observation as its primary methods. Le-Quang, Kiet This research focuses on the application of development communication in rural ethnic minority community development in Vietnam. However, it also suggests new approaches for rhetoric addressing politicized issues to strong partisans. The participant narratives and subsequent analysis demonstrate the complexity of nutrition contexts and the difficulty consumers from lower SEP's have accessing, interpreting, synthesizing, and applying nutrition information. Users did not demonstrate more efficiency with the web syllabus than with the PDF syllabus. Virginia Tucker Literacy of collaboration' in virtual teams: A comparison of collaboration factors and patterns across multiple virtual team settings Carglie Cook chair , Baehr, Lang Virtual teams research indicates a need for improved instruction and preparation for communicating and collaborating in virtual environments. Therefore, in this dissertation study I uncovered and explored the specific instructional approaches that games use to engage and teach their players. As such, a mixed methods research approach is deployed through the theoretical lens of Actor-Network Theory in an attempt to ascertain, "What is preventing the widespread adoption of personal health records in the United States?

Editors asked questions, gave explications, or explained their editing actions to authors less frequently. Little credibility research has examined small business Websites that pose minimal involvement risk.

Erin Pumroy The alpha-zulu on provider-patient communication in military medicine: An inside look at provider-patient communication in a family medicine clinic on a military installation Koerber chairBaake, Dragga The study of provider-patient communication is a thing of the past, present, and future.

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Participate effectively in appropriate scholarly and professional organizations. Does the patient value the provider's input?

Technical communication dissertations
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Communication Studies Dissertations and Theses