Stokers portrayal of women in dracula essay

From the line, if he is thinking of shows that she is obviously thinking about Jonathan. Stoker, like many other males of his day accepted this role of women, and was not open to the idea of women changing their roles.

Dracula sexism

While Lucy does possess similar qualities to Mina, there is a striking difference that we notice between the two. Mina, on the other hand, represents the new breed of women, those who are independent, smart, and resourceful, like current men of the time. While it has been previously discussed that sexual acts were perceived to be a disconcerting subject matter during the traditional Victorian era, the conversion A Marxist Interpretation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" words - 3 pages A Marxist reading is one which interprets history as a series of class struggles. Much like the ideas of Victorians, in Dracula the sexual and unchaste women are depicted as evil; the pure and chaste women are depicted as strong, heroic, and steadfast in relationships. This also reinforces the Victorian idea of women having a collective identity instead of being individual beings. Although the letters between Lucy and Mina appear to be an exception to this pattern, the subject of their correspondence is very often about the various men in their lives. His snow white teeth which outlined his rosy red lips made us fantasize of him and ultimately become obsessed. Seward, and even Dracula, are all seen as very manly men. Stoker wrote numerous novels, short stories, essays, and lectures, but Dracula is by far his most famous work and perhaps the most well known horror novel. Lucy, in the politest way possible, turns down two in order to be with the one man that she loves the most. Innocence, dignity, purity and chastity are her virtues. If Mina falls on one end of the spectrum and the daughters of Dracula on the other end, then Lucy falls somewhere in that ambiguous area of the spectrum between Mina and the daughters of Dracula. They were seen as a danger to middle-class hegemony, to the ideas of domestic space. Eastern European accounts stimulated his readers as understanding of other cultures is still very limited. Stoker uses Dracula as the median to represent his view on this topic.

Stoker wrote numerous novels, short stories, essays, and lectures, but Dracula is by far his most famous work and perhaps the most well known horror novel. In Dracula, Lucy becomes a character that represents both the good and the evil Victorian woman.

The idea was also frequently used as a motif in western literature.

1 how does dracula uphold the traditional values of victorian literature

Lucy keeps a diary, but this was not of her own volition. The style is vastly descriptive especially the physical aspects. The three main characters I study are Mina, Lucy and three female vampires belonging to Dracula. In both of these novels the other characters are not able to see these evil creatures actions.

What this passage illuminates is the power these type of women in society had over men.

Stokers portrayal of women in dracula essay

We also read related articles that gave us a better Comparing the Nature of Terror in the Gothic Novels, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein words - 3 pages The two Gothic novels, Dracula and Frankenstein, introduced two of the most terrifying characters throughout all of literature. John Seward, Lucy Westenra, and Dr. Lucy got education at an etiquette school, where she meets Mina, who later plays for Lucy not only the role of a friend, but also takes over some traditional mother functions. Stoker uses these characters as a critique against women's liberation; to stress that sexual liberation, for him, meant damnation. In some cases, one might be able to suggest that the novel explores this idea that women are in fact more sexual than men. We know her to be very proficient in shorthand, which not many people knew all that proficiently. Having Mina consider Lucy a suitable friend with similar qualities, this displays how Lucy represents ideal characteristics of the Victorian woman. As previously mentioned, Mina is a literary depiction of the traditional woman and traditional values in Victorian society. Not only does Mina represent traditional values of the Victorian woman because of the aforementioned reasons, but she also represents the values of the Victorian woman because she is not sexualized. The way in which Stoker represents females says much about the similarities of views between novels of the time and the Victorian society on the whole. One novel from the Victorian era that represents varying types of women is Dracula. The Victorian era lasted from til , with women being punished everyday for crimes that are nowadays just part of living for a woman. The three daughters of Dracula represent the evil and social stigma surrounding the impure and hyper-sexual woman in Victorian society. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you.

Westenra the faculties to adapt to her new role.

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Stoker's Portrayal Of Women In "Dracula"