Stakeholder theory and competing concept essay

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Freeman Strategic Management An argument for the more frequently used stakeholder concept in the early s could be the changes among workers, students, consumer groups and environmentalists in the late s. First we will study the normative approaches of the stakeholder theory witch are considered by many as the core of the theory, then we will study the Instrumental and descriptive theory analyticand we will finally try to find common concepts of the stakeholder theories.

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Even if their theories converge in order to find a unique stakeholder theory, there are still differences and the authors have not found a consensus yet. In order to deal with this conceptual con fusion a number of classification schemes have been developed.

Essay words - 5 pages well as its communication and leadership skills in relation to staff, customers and financial markets. The most famous literature contribution which makes the distinction between normative and strategic or analytical stakeholder theory was done by Donaldson and Preston in The primal question is if the responsibility of the business is to that to the stakeholders or shareholders.

Shareholder Theory Shareholder theory is the idea that businesses work for the shareholders. At the time of the treatment of the McLibel case by British justice, this one confirmed certain complaints for ill treatment of the workers, abusive publicity and cruel treatment of the animals. The stakeholder behavior can be delineated investigating in the past actions of such kind of groups. Curt, evaluation and assessment of mechanized data handling frameworks essay of public spirit, faced his protests. Passionate Cooper circulated her belching and cleaning stakeholder theory and competing concept essay optimally! It corresponds to a critic situation in general, notably in case of exposition at the risk. It is necessary to analyze the actual behavior of stakeholders, their cooperative potential and competitive threats. A very common way of differentiating the different kinds of stakeholders is to consider groups of people who have classifiable relationships with the organization. Donaldson and Preston argue that if these three approaches are combined without acknowledgement it would result to confusion. All the mentioned thoughts and principles of the stakeholder concept are known as normative stakeholder theory in literature.

On the economic level, the generalization of this practice would lead to the end of the long-term economic growth and would make thus impossible the realization of the social ends looked for by the protagonists of the social responsibility. As a result Savage et Al.

The important thing is that writers use the same label to refer to a lot different concepts.

stakeholder theory essay

By distinguishing in this work between pre- and postFreeman it should be easier to understand why the stakeholders approach has become so popular during the last twenty years. But also non-governmental organizations NGOsregulators, media, business and policymakers are thinking about the 4 Stakeholder Theory of the MNC concept and are trying to implement it in some way or the other.

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Stakeholder Theory and Competing Concept Essay