Should capital punishment be abolished in india essay

Should Death Penalty be abolished in India?

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After this person is executed, there is obviously nothing that can be done for the terrible mistake to be reversed. The death sentence to the terrorists evades logic as a fidayeen suicide attacker like Kasab and Afzal Guru would only embrace death as their means to martyrdom. As per the recent Death Penalty India Report by the National Law University, Delhi, the structural flaws in our criminal procedure and criminal justice system are most pronounced in death penalty cases. Arguments that want to get rid of this method of punishment usually mention the many problems that capital punishment is plagued with. Besides this, their execution will not guarantee end of further terror attacks against the country but would rather be used by the extremist masterminds to instigate violence and more hatred against India. Hanging[ edit ] The Code of Criminal Procedure called for the method of execution to be hanging. I strongly feel, we have to reform our laws especially for death penalty. India has been hesitant in abolishing capital punishment and had even voted against a United Nations General Assembly resolution in calling for moratorium on the death penalty. Also, the wrong person may be sentenced to death. Each day and night, he should regret his acts of crime and at the same time it should act as deterrent. Conclusion: The Law Commission of India has attempted to analyse the need for the death penalty. However, there is little statistical evidence to support this claim. Please Wait.. It depends on judges personal beliefs.

No, these crimes are increasing day by day. Nobody wants to undergo the trauma of administering the death penalty not the higher courts and not the hapless prison staff who have to see a human being die gasping at the end of a rope.

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However, there is little statistical evidence to support this claim. The reality is that the death penalty is a barbaric exercise in which no civilized society should participate.

Death sentences have recently been handed down to rapist Umesh, where the Supreme Court confirmed the death penalty handed down by the Karnataka High Court and in the case of Surinder Koli, the serial killer who committed the heinous act of strangulating young girls and raping their dead bodies.

There is nothing muscular or tough about killing a man who is at your mercy.

capital punishment in india essay

In India, death sentence was last carried out in when one Dhananjay Chatterjee was hanged for rape and murder of a year-old girl in Kolkata.

Especially coming from their own state the one that is supposed to protect their rights no matter what.

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The court has held that it was a cold-blooded murder and where rape was committed on an innocent and hapless old woman," said Neelima Shangla, the Sirsa additional district and sessions judge. The death penalty is impossible to administer fairly or rationally. Everyone deserves a second chance and since all crimes are related to the psychology of an individual, the punishment of death penalty might seem unfair to some. The liberty of life of a person cannot be at the cost of another or in most cases several others in the society. A good example of the same is the Indian case involving Dara Singh who burned alive Mr. The system needs an overhaul. In the opinion stated by my class group, capital punishment should be entirely abolished due to the possibility of mistakes while sentencing. The practice of capital Punishment is as old as government itself. This fresh proposal has further ensured that India will stay amongst the minority of countries who allow the punishment of Death Penalty. Supporting Arguments for Death Penalty: The punishment is not arbitrary because, it comes out of a judicial process. Sometimes an innocent person may be wrongly convicted of such heinous crime, when he is actually innocent. It is often argued that any criminal who has committed a seriously heinous crime may be a threat to other inmates in the prison who had committed a less serious crime.
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Essay on Capital Punishment by Aparna Pandey