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Some characters in the play are not in the movie. These prominent families despise each other and have been enemies for a very long time. Romeo kills Paris. Shakespeare did not like extravagant costumes and stage backgrounds, so actually there were great demands made of the actors for a successful performance. Romeo appeares on stage and explains to his friends about that night. That gallant spirit hath aspired the clouds, which too untimely here did scorn the earth. He saw his Juliet and she cries out for Romeo. The most important characters are Romeo, the son of the rich family Montague, and Juliet, the daughter of the influential Capulet family. Tybalt dies. As Romeo dies, he sees Juliet awakening. Mercutio is shown with black skin in the film which alludes to the conflict of races. The main theme portrayed in "Shakespeare in Love" is a love that is never meant to be.

Friar Laurence is also very important as the friend who Romeo and Juliet can confide in. For example, Juliet wears an angels costume to show her innocence and purity.

Nevertheless they were taught to hate the Montagues. These stories can teach us a lot about our daily lives and how we live them.

Technical and stylistic differences 3. Bibliography 1.

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The first one was directed by Franco Zeffirelli in this film is set in the they use the same costume and dialogue as in the In the film you can see a white pigeon, which is a symbol for the peace between the houses Capulet and Montague.

But what she really wants is his help. Romeo wants to talk with Benvolio about his love for Rosalinde, which makes him sad.

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Romeo decided to die because of his emotional woes, although his body was okay. Ort, Datum: Sindelfingen, den This goes so far that Juliet opposes her parents and marries Romeo.

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