Research paper on obesity in india

Results: Prevalence data from 52 studies conducted in 16 of the 28 States in India were included in analysis.

Obesity in indian females

Among male study participants, more than two-third This was not observed for men. J Life Sci ; 3 : Undernutrition is more prevalent in rural areas, whereas overweight and obesity are more than three times higher in urban areas. The mean age of the study participants was From these cohorts, subjects aged years men , women were included. This relationship was not observed for males. Prevalence of overweight and obesity in adolescents of urban and rural area of Surat, Gujarat. Obesity among pre-adolescent and adolescents of a developing country India. Overweight and obesity primarily happen either due to excess calorie intake or insufficient physical activity or both. Establishing a standard definition for child overweight and obesity worldwide: International survey.

Secular trends in prevalence of overweight and obesity from to in urban Asian Indian adolescents aged years. Prevalence and trends of obesity in Indian school children of different socioeconomic class.

Obesity in india statistics 2018

A total of students aged 8—18 years were present on days of visit to schools from 3rd to 12th standards and participated in the study including Prevalence of lifestyle associated cardiovascular risk factors among adolescent students of rural Bengal. However, these trends are not well documented. The health risks include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, and some sex hormone-sensitive cancers. J Assoc Physicians India ; 58 : Establishing a standard definition for child overweight and obesity worldwide: International survey. It was found Prevalence of atherosclerosis risk factors in adolescent school children. While the problem of undernutrition still exists in many parts of India, the additional burden of obesity due to increasing sedentary lifestyle, junk food habits in some urban and economically sound areas is really alarming. For measurement of body mass index BMI , digital weighing scale and stadiometer were used. Transport facilities, medical care and food habits, educational status, and family income had dramatically improved which along with easy access to city and television watching resulted in changes in life style. Obes Rev ; 10 : Results: In the present study, Australia: Health Communications Australia; This weight was recorded.

Indian Pediatr ; 27 : In certain regions, obesity and consequent diseases are posing an enormous public health problem.

Therefore, the role of physical activity, games, and sports should be emphasized, and facilities should be provided for outdoor games in schools, with compulsory hours of sports and games.

Research paper on obesity in india

Nutritional status among the urban Meitei children and adolescents of Manipur, Northeast India. Disease and Conditions Index: what are overweight and obesity?

childhood obesity in india statistics

The study included schools having primary, secondary, and higher secondary education system.

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Epidemiology of childhood overweight & obesity in India: A systematic review