Reproductive tract infections rti symptoms and causes

male reproductive tract infection symptoms

Those who do get treated mostly prefer private doctors and their partners do not get treated at all. Aims and Objectives: The aim was to study the prevalence of RTI symptoms and treatment-seeking behavior among married women of reproductive age group.

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The knowledge of the study participants about RTI was assessed by asking them whether they had heard about it and could name any one of its symptoms. Contraceptive practices were elicited by asking study participants regarding the type of contraceptive methods used such as oral contraceptive pills, condoms, intrauterine contraceptive device, and tubectomy. Effective treatment reduces STI transmission in the community, and safe and appropriate clinical procedures mean fewer iatrogenic infections. This is further suggested by the fact that the majority of the women sufferers under study After obtaining signed informed consent from the respondent, information was obtained on a pre-designed questionnaire. Chapter 1. The actual number of women studied was Bhawsar et al. This high prevalence may be attributed to poor knowledge and hiding it's symptoms from family and friends. In the current study, it was observed that the practice of using ordinary cloth during menstruation was related to higher prevalence of RTI. Among the total participants, 98

Future studies can include these variables. The total sample sizes worked out to be Methodology: It was a community-based cross-sectional study.

Reproductive tract infections rti symptoms and causes

Sri Devi B, Swarnalatha N. The sample consisted of eligible women obtained by systematic random sampling, from amongst those residing in the population served by one MPHW F.

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The prevalence of the symptoms decreased with increasing monthly per capita income MPCI. The majority

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