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Non-government organizations, or NGOs, must manage relationships with any number of donors, their most important resource. The overall area needs a tremendous amount of work, so there are many opportunities to have substantial impact.

Humanitarian logistics course

Sustain GP employs a hybrid business model that seeks donations and investment capital as a nonprofit NGO and a for-profit contract organization. The challenges in humanitarian logistics are great and include, among others, limited availability of resources and infrastructure to address needs, high uncertainty and urgency characterizing response efforts, and the presence of multiple stakeholders who often act with different objectives [3]. Heier Stamm standing, l-r. Within many of these problems, an important aspect is decentralization. The Logistics Hurdle In disaster relief operations, logistics is often the biggest hurdle. First, consider what is or is not likely to be needed in the affected region. Clinic managers at remote sites sent in daily requests that were routed to designated staffers, who in turn sent daily flight reports listing the movement of planes and supplies. A comprehensive WMS provides enterprise-wide visibility for full inventory management across all facilities where goods are stored. Heier Stamm and Monica Villarreal are grad students. In-kind donations management.

Arrange cultural awareness training programs to create opportunities for a given organization to meet with others that have previously worked in the region.

When a natural, security or health crisis occurs, often the hierarchical infrastructure, such as transportation and communications networks, breaks down and the people responding to the crisis manage the recovery operations through locally based activities without observing other parts of the system.

When communication systems fail, coordination and collaboration also often fail, as explained in the following video clip:.

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Satellite phones might be purchased in advance in case terrestrial cellular service becomes unavailable. Inventory planning and control.

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They will also use the disease simulation to analyze health aspects such as the number and location of clinics to be set up including staffing requirements and logistics needs. Heier Stamm and Monica Villarreal Natural and man-made disaster swept through various parts of the world and received much attention over the past decade.

Humanitarian logistics challenges

In addition, relief providers often use barcodes and scanners to streamline the data collection process, saving time and improving the accuracy of information needed by all parties. Technological Advances Here are just a few of the technological advances that are being utilized for disaster relief: Demand Analysis. Utilizing local capacity and capabilities. Supplies have to be imported from unanticipated places slowing the response considerably. The Center, co-directed by Professors Ozlem Ergun, Pinar Keskinocak and Julie Swann, will coordinate various research, outreach and educational efforts to improve humanitarian relief planning, capacity building and effective management of response activities. Contact David Biederman at inexdb comcast. Information from and communication with the people in the field, right where the disaster took place, is critical. Keskinocak's graduate course will be offered again in spring with new projects and partnerships under development. The UPS Foundation is researching a platform for aggregating procurement and logistics functions and standardizing processes and IT systems for NGOs involved in disaster aid and development. Famine in drought-ridden countries. In , the company donated warehouse space, seven trucks and 35 people to assist the United Nations in providing logistics services after devastating floods in Pakistan. Food, water, medicine and other life-sustaining materials must be quickly transported, stored and distributed so as to do the most good. But responding with financial aid is only one part — some would say the easy part — of the effort.
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Humanitarian Logistics