Public speaking and business presentation skills

The training course lasts a single day, from to In fact, if you think about it, modern culture often teaches us to avoid two-way communication because it is too personal and imposing. PowerPoint as a means to an end, not a means unto itself Many speakers write out their entire presentation word-for-word, or create wearisome PowerPoint decks that they recite verbatim.

You will overcome your fear of public speaking. It gives insights into creating speech content and teaches you how to engage your audience. By subscribing, you will receive our valuable communication tips and special training promotions!

Enhance your presentation skills with the right body language When presenting, you not only communicate with your voice, but also with your body. What happens? I am forever grateful to you. Training methodology: The Training will be delivered in line with the latest adult learning principles.

A presentation is a structured, prepared and speech-based means of communicating information, ideas, or arguments to a group of interested people to inform or persuade them.

public speaking classes in kenya

Whatever the reasons are, we are still being judged when we are silent, and since this course is about speaking and presenting, it will hopefully serve as a way to help you speak up. Objectives: Participants to identify their strength and weaknesses in public speaking and presentation skills To understand and practice the step by step process involved towards making an effective public speech and an interactive business presentation.

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Courses