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Last but not the least is Causes, Impacts of Political Dynasty 20 the lack of bills and laws that may define and prohibit such as political dynasties because the members of the government that have the power to pass bills and laws are the one who is in such acts like this.

And as of present, that law is still pending in congress.

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For political dynasties to be reduced; the members of these dynasties themselves must realize that what they are doing might affect them in the future and will suffer because of distrust of people to the government that may lead to rebellion.

Professor Donato: Hi Ronn Santos: What are the disadvantages in having political dynasty in our government? With this abuse of power of many political families, the sense of our country's democracy is really not felt by the people, especially the independent candidates running for elections.

Many have called for the Congress to pass the Anti-Dynasty Law, but this bill has been passed over by each Congress since Professor Donato: Ok,no problem.

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Many bills and laws are passed to define political dynasty in order to prohibit building political dynasties here in our country but the very problem of this bills and laws are Causes, Impacts of Political Dynasty 15 the government officials who is indeed will pass this bills and laws because they are also the people who are guilty of building such political dynasties here in our country A. Nepotism occurs when the relative of a powerful figure ascends to similar power seemingly without appropriate qualifications. II, Sec. How does it affect independent candidates in running for a certain position? Lastly as a government official, they must follow in what our constitutions tells about their limitations and all the prohibited acts that will surely make them honest and trustworthy officials. The implementation of prohibiting political dynasties is a must to have an equal opportunity to every people of the country in the positions in our government. The family intends to have a steady control of political power. What is political dynasty? A law regarding the elimination of political dynasties cannot be properly made.

The researchers would also like to thank their parents who have been very supportive to the researchers. Tomas Group 9: And now, for the interview proper. The bad side of political dynasty is when a corrupt household regulations a certain topographic point or certain state. Rozul John Weber G.

A law regarding the elimination of political dynasties cannot be properly made.

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Essay about Political Dynasty Should be Prohibited in the Philippines