Poor educational standard and bad matric results in south africa

In, full-time pupils wrote mathematics.

south african education statistics by race

Enough short term thinking Historically, spending on schooling was racially skewed and heavily favoured white children. Is the system really on the right path? Such education goes beyond the teaching of maths and science.

More attention must also be paid to adult learning and education.

education statistics in south africa 2018

Since the end of apartheid in there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children attending primary and secondary school.

Repetition rates are high in South African schools. And has the quality of education in South Africa improved along with the pass rate? Lifelong learning The work cannot stop at primary or secondary school.

university pass rates in south africa

Our research shows that a foundation in these crucial subjects will improve academic performance in all areas across their school careers.

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Why the matric pass rate is not a reliable benchmark of education quality