Marketing mix research paper

Market-driven businesses use market research to find out what people want I have conducted a questionnaire for my market research, in trying to find the best marketing processes for Strobe Leisure.

They should sell their tickets in the internet because more people use internet and it is easier to book films in the internet as I asked some people in my questionnaire.

Often, some combination of the two methods is the most efficient. This means a business has achieved the goal of their product being different to other businesses and is something people want to buy.

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The second strategy is Skimming; is the opposite of Penetration pricing. Promotion of a product or service includes advertising, sale promotions, a sales force, and publicity.

No points will be given if the cardholder forgets their card, because the card must be swiped into the machine to add the point on. However, if the business uses inclusive distribution channels, the service provided may be limited to a single centralized location.

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The price communicates to the consumer the value the business places on the product or service. These models can be of many types, but multiple regression is the workhorse of most marketing mix modeling.

Marketing mix research paper

Along with print advertising, promotional campaigns often include rent specials or discounts. The fourth strategy is Price Discrimination. In order to be competitive, management of available rental properties have the unit product cleaned, freshly painted and ensure items are in working order before presenting their product to the consumer. Price Determining the price consumers are willing to pay and the price a business must charge in order to cover fixed and variable costs for production of the product or providing the service is the final P of the marketing mix. Strobe Leisure could use this method by selling their food and drinks at a low price to try and stop people bringing their own food and drink in the cinema. Developing your marketing mix. Both methods are sound, and both have their place. A quantitative research survey through a structured questionnaire for the students who are studying or have recently completed their TE in engineering, pharmacy and management from the institutes affiliated to the North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon was conducted. Business magazines and websites are abuzz with news about the value of marketing mix modeling as a way to help companies maximize returns on their marketing investments ROMI. There are five different Pricing strategies which Strobe Leisure can use when they use pricing. Marketing mix modeling might provide some answers to these challenging problems. When this low price is below cost it is called loss leading.
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Marketing Mix (Research Paper) Essay Example