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Therefore, it is important for cultures to preserve their language. How should the non English-speaking world react? Globalization Essay 4 words In the last few decades globalization has been very fast which has resulted in the worldwide economical, social, political and cultural integration through the advancement in the technologies, telecommunication, transportation, etc.

Proceed The globalization of English can also refer to the rapid spread of English as a second and foreign language. Health sectors are also affected a lot by the globalization of common medicines, health monitoring electronic machines, etc.

Globalization has greatly changed Zimbabwean culture. Globalization is a phenomenon and also a process of development of mankind and human society Hamilton, However it is not good for the poor Indian farmers because of costly seeds and agricultural technologies.

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English, or better said, the concept of English language known as 'International English' is the global view of the language or the an international standard for the language. At the same time, there are obvious pros and cons to the penetration of worldwide cultures by an aggressive language.

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It is hugely benefiting the developing nations by providing various developmental opportunities. Such as English language that international language in the world.

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A recent study found that the Queen's English - the language as spoken by the queen of England - has evolved over the past 50 years, becoming slightly less plummy and slightly more proletarian. Thus the English language no longer "belongs" to its native speakers but to the world, just as organized soccer, say, is an international sport that is no longer associated with its origins in Britain.

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But English 'became' formally global in the end of the 90s with the implementation introduction of the Internet. For why I noticed that there is always an act in the market and these countless moves need to wind the whole world because of the expanding connections. A History of the English Language. How to Do Things with Words. However, it has given rise to the competition, crime, anti-national activities, terrorism etc. If the language of the people is strong this means that their culture is strong. Despite the arguing if it is a desired standardization or killing of the language, the focus here is to show that it is globally acknowledged to be the most global language of all times. However, since there are many options available for people to learn languages on their own, the future of language education might be happening outside of the school — through distance education, online courses, and mobile apps. To resolve these effects of English Language on civilization and culture.

Language education One main benefit to teaching world languages like English and French is that because these languages are spoken around the globe, it makes communication between different populations more simple and effective than any other time in our history.

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Globalization Essay