Lady macbeth is the real villain of macbeth essay

A villain is the bad guy of the story. As a woman, queen is the most powerful role she can hope for in the court. But, sensing her regret, he hides his plans to kill Lady Macduff and her children.

lady macbeth ambition essay

When she finds out the prophecies given to Macbeth to become king, she immediately acts to create a plan to murder the innocent and respected King Duncan of Scotland.

The Shakespearean Character Macbeth William Shakespeare is the most performed and read playwright whose works captured the complete range of human emotions.

macbeth villain essay

Lady Macbeth successfully persuades him to kill Duncan by oppugning his maleness. Therefore turn outing that Macbeth was to weak and delicate to state no. An example of his villainy is the fact that Macbeth assassinated his King to thrust himself to power in Act 1, Scene

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Lady Macbeth is the True villain