Ideas for writing a love song

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Here are a few ideas for starting a melody when you have a few lyric ideas already roughed out… Use the natural melody of speech: Repeat your lyric lines a few times with LOTS of emotion. Not all of your answers will resonate, and that's okay.

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So, for a dash of excitement, try writing a song about a taboo or a forbidden liaison. Say it. Or part of one and part of another. Get my free monthly newsletter with songwriting tips and hit song guides.

ideas for writing a love song

They put their feelings and passion out there. That's why you write sixty of them.

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I'll give you at least six more chances because I love you Tap out a rhythm, let notes fill themselves in, and then see what kind of words come along to match it. Let yourself be bad at first. You can choose the number of lines and the rhyming pattern for the verses and the chorus and let your creativity work within those guidelines. Were all of them good? Once you've done this take anywhere from five to twenty minutes or so, go back through your writing and try finding things that stand out to you. The ones that are left should be the ones that resonate the most with you, where you feel like you have the most meat and the most to say.
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How to Write A Love Song