How to write a good story about love

how to write a good story about love

Are they attracted to each other? Life, because it is fleeting, is inherently sad, and yet I try to portray the emotions and relationships that define it as eternal and worthy of celebration. The vampires and their human hunters call a year truce; the ancient vampire queen holds a festival in the lovers honour.

Let them lead you to new worlds and stories. One dies or both lovers die. Boil it down to a single paragraph.

sample love story

Advertisement DO create internal conflict to parallel external conflict. Write strong female protagonists who are independent and self-directed-they're more interesting and also more deserving of respect from both the love interest and the reader.

Stars are crossed.

short love story

In the process, their little rivalry turns into something a lot more heated. Gatsby hires up some footmen and throws a party. What is the biggest threat to their relationship? A few things to think about when writing the meet cute: How do my characters meet?

How to write an epic love story

Unspecified ancient times; matriarchal society. Now, write from the perspective of Martha, the widow who adopts Sam after the war. Sparks fly. What do they fight about? A one-dimensional, purely evil character who presents an obstacle to a pair of star-crossed lovers doesn't function well in the context of a complex, believable love story. He is always telling me about his colourful love life. Do they clash? Let us know in the comments.

Very short lived. Against all reason, she suspects he might be THE Anansi—which is more than a little terrifying.

How to write a love story with a twist

There's a reason why these classics still have us swooning today. Get our top short story ideas here. I avoid profanity when possible, but regardless I don't think excessive swearing dovetails with a love story-it alters and cheapens the mood, and instead of feeling authentic, it often has the opposite effect. Love stories are the kind of stories that readers revisit over and over again. They may also realise that their love is well and truly doomed. What's the initial reaction? Is it a character flaw? What happens next? Expect some gender-swapping. Then ask yourself these questions: What are their relationship flaws? Try taking an underlined element and changing it. Sparks fly. Do they like each other? Pro Tip: learn how to write epic love stories.
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How to Write a Love Story (with Sample Story)