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Though Vietnam is a relatively easy place to travel, you should still make sure to have good travel insurance. Of course you do! When doing online, you do not need to talk to someone face to face, you can do your payment, submit your requirements, get your visa, all of these can be done over the web.

Occasionally boutique taxi companies have rigged meters, particularly on routes to and from the international airports. You should report such threats to local authorities.

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You can also apply in major cities in Asia if they have a Vietnamese embassy. As of July 1,Vietnamese citizens who acquire foreign nationality can maintain Vietnamese nationality, provided they follow the proper procedures.

Enforcement of civil orders is frequently difficult or non-existent. Tet to work around. The official website is glitch-prone and often fails to load.

Article written by Jo Fitzsimons Jo Fitzsimons is a freelance travel writer who has visited over 60 countries. Important tips for the visa on arrival Choose the right approval letter broker.

Follow the U. All travelers can visit Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam, for 30 days without a visa.

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Q&A: How do I apply for a Vietnamese visa?