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Every process should have a goal- and its outputs should be measured against that goal. The current version is ITIL v3, which defines 24 processes and is more comprehensive.

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If you already host and maintain a SQL Server database instance, and run Windows and Windows Server products, you already have what it takes to install, host and use HelpMaster. The activities and objectives of this process are subsumed in the Incident Management process. Helpdesk reports and statistics are never-ending. All rights reserved. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the authors. This allows you to test, manage and train for up-coming improvements to the software. If an activity adds value to the final product, or service, it is on the primary value chain. Why pay monthly fees if you already own and service your own Microsoft infrastructure? Think of it this way for now- the service is what the customer actually consumes or experiences.

Every process — by definition - has Inputs and Outputs. By establishing a single repository shared by all teams, iTop allows you to define offerings that can fit each customer.

What this means is that all workarounds key ITIL term made available to or implemented by or discovered by Incident Management are subject to review of the Problem Management process. Unlike hosted solutions, you'll be able to access your data anytime, and anyway you like Most Services that IT delivers depend on more than one department.

As an example, if we manage and measure uptime of a system — say a particular server, or a particular application; is that what the consumers of IT are really interested in?

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HelpMaster is an on-premise help desk and ITSM solution that has been used by thousands of companies around the world. Each process will have activities- these can be broken down into procedures and work instructions.

Therefore the Interaction process becomes a routing process to correctly diagnose the nature of the client contact and then to route to the proper process. Network Access An on-premise helpdesk solution allow your system administrators to configure access in any way they see fit.

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What you cannot measure you cannot control What you cannot control you cannot improve C Copyright, Yale University. You control the hosting, the access, the reporting and everything else about your data. These are our processes. Each Process should be governed by policy statements. The second goal points to the need to have clear and consistent provision of information throughout an interaction, even across many contact points. The value chain identifies those activities, in a sequence, that add value to the final product or service. Managing relationships between components enables a graphical impact analysis so to inform targeted contacts of incidents, changes or events. There are no lock-in contracts, no lock-in data rules, and you can configure access in any way you like. If you have nothing to measure, you cannot perform the evaluation, or check, step.
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