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If you seek an order overseas but do not actually know how to send a consignment out of your country, you are not going to give a very favourable impression to your potential customer. Nor can you plan down to the last detail. Partner with craftsmen or Indian handicraft store that can provide your products. The more realistic they are, the more rigorously applied and the more carefully they are assessed, the better chance you have of achieving your objectives. Personal or organizational interest, or contacts, might be criteria for selection of countries. They have much less experience of the rest of the marketing process: promotion, distribution and even pricing. If you will be leasing a place, consult with a lawyer before you sign any agreement. In addition to that, tourists are now buying unique and functional cultural stuffs rather than souvenirs for friends and family. Our own growth over the years has led to significantly increased stockholding levels, which in turn has caused us to acquire more warehouse space. Oxfam Trading states as one of its basic objectives the empowerment of small-scale handicraft producers. There is another general rule to remember: always relate any business venture to your own interests and capacity; or to put this in business terms, do not undertake activities which do not match your plans and resources.

As a general rule, as in all business ventures, it is best to start in a limited way by selecting only a small number of countries in which to test your products in the first instance. The list of handicrafts items on which duty draw back is available is at Please click here Market Access Initative MAI : The assistance in terms of Reimbursement of Space charges subject to conditions is provided to exporters for participation in International shows.

New market opportunities might occur which you had not foreseen, such as a fashion craze in Europe. These stone crafts are then adorned with semiprecious stones.

Some production units make this decision because the majority of their sales are in the domestic market. In ancient times, the shilpis conceptualized the intricate designs and patterns, which were crafted painfully into the temples and the objects associated with them.

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The variety and expertise of handicrafts speaks through pottery, metal work, jewelry, wooden art, marble or stone work, paper mache items and toys. Buyer net work in his country should be got verified. OnlinePromotion: Listing of products profiles an important trade portal.

A refugee group, or an organization politically unacceptable to the government, may encounter such problems.

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Ans Normally export order should be bookedon the basis of letter of credit. Information may also be scattered in different ministries. Skilled artisans through their traditional tools crafted magnificent, nimble and subtle specimens. What you can say-provided you have a reason to believe it-is, 'Because the market will buy 1, of our baskets this year, that is what we will produce'. It usually adds a mark-up of 25 per cent, but for this trip will add 40 per cent. It should have investigated more carefully the potential markets for palm-leaf products and considered the possibility of other types of production. There are many products that are exported to foreign countries that also help in country economy. Please click here Buyer should be prepared to do business on safe terms of payment viz. From the identification of the market opportunity and a decision about the products to offer, you must then consider the other aspects of the marketing process-your pricing policy, means of promotion and method of distribution. You can see wonderful works on bamboo and cane even. Such dramatic examples are rare, but in general, anywhere in the world, ignorance will always tend to be exploited. You can include wooden chess set, painted figures, wooden frame work, pretty pen holders etc. Approx 90 percent of the Indian handicrafts are exported to other foreign countries in order to get more benefit on the same.

This is how you get a real understanding of their structures, and about competing products. Oxfam Trading's experience is that relatively too much money tends to be invested in production rather than in management training.

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How to Start a Handicraft Business