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Is there a substantive difference between the patriotism of totalitarian and liberal countries? This will develop a sense of security and trust among the public. Islam stands for Universal Brotherhood. Indian freedom fighters were filled with the feeling of patriotism. Patriotism is the major factor, which makes people create the human history, works hard, fight and die for their country. Patriotism is all about loving and respecting ones country and working towards its betterment. A true patriot loves his country and is ready to serve and protect it. Every country in the world has its set of patriots — people who are ready to do anything for their country. The present war for freedom in held Kashmir and Bosnia are backed and inspired with patriotism.

It means we must be Muslims first and Pakistanis afterward. It narrows down the outlook which ultimately proves disastrous for his personality development. Those who feel the same love and devotion for their country as they feel for their mother and family are known to be true patriots.

Then add music to this ad that is patriotic in nature and it really impacts how you feel as you watch and listen. This is because people these days have become too engrossed in their own lives. Similarly, imperialism is moreover affected by social attributes that may not be one specific event, but occurred over a longer period of time.

The English present the brilliant example of patriotism. Conclusion A true patriot is the one who works hard for the betterment of his country.

Such an atmosphere must be created in general and not just around these special dates. He forgets the interest of the human beings as a whole.

Essay about patriotism

How do teens conceive the concept of patriotism? A patriot feels selflessly for his country. In Islam everything — land and the national resources belong to God. W was the Magna Carta of Muslim Nationhood. You can take a look at some top-notch samples provided at reliable custom writing services to get inspired, why not? Many institutions host functions and organize events on 15th August and 26th January. The feeling of patriotism is required for the betterment and development of a country. We have some duty towards the country in which we are born and live. The nation is strongly built upon the sacrifices of the patriots. A selfish person is one who always thinks about himself and keeps his interests above everything and everyone around him. It should never constrict our outlook and vision.

So, patriotism makes the people love and think of their country. He will never let down Or criticize his country.

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A nation where the youth loves the country and is driven towards improving its condition socially and economically would certainly grow better. The difference between nationalism and patriotism essay Speaking of that, students often muddle meanings of these notions or think that these are two interconnected concepts: patriotism stands for love to the country and nationalism is love for the people who live there.

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This will develop a sense of security and trust among the public.

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