Essay about land degradation

effects of land degradation on the environment

Under sedimentation the fertile soil gets covered by less fertile sediments; and leading to make the soil unfit for cultivation.

This is because many environmental factors are caused over long periods of time, and then, once identified, will take a long time to solve.

Essay about land degradation

Political marginalization, poor farming method, lack of education, poor mining method, climates changes ,lack of alternatives of electricity instead of wood, over dependence on natural resources and lack of future markets.

More so population increase has been termed the major cause land degradation in Ethiopia and other third world developing world. Over cutting of vegetation occurs when people cut forests, woodlands and scrublands-to obtain timber, fuel wood and other products at a pace exceeding the rate of natural re-growth.

how can the land be saved from degradation

The only solution is to plant trees with strong roots in an effort to hold the soil together, to prevent further damage, and, years later, to try to replant crops. Though as it is a long-term effect it is very hard to reverse.

Land degradation and conservation measures

This is frequent in semi-arid environments, where fuelwood shortages are often severe. Underneath the soil is a layer of water called the water table. Normally, the level of this stays constant, as any rain is absorbed by the trees. And the global extent of land degradation is reported about 1. More so afforestation projects needs to be undertaken in order to be able to deal with deforestation. The government of Zimbabwe introduced the unity government to tackle the issue of marginalization which is successful because representatives will be mouth piece of each ethnic group therefore addressing the impact of political marginalization which leads to land de gradation. This shows land conflict can cause deforestation and result in poor land management. Smelting releases metallic ions and carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere, creating acidic rain which impacts wildlife, biological organisms, and even human health in many ways.

Soil salinity is another problem related to the removal of trees. They collectively leased degraded land and revived them through traditional farming.

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An Useful Essay on Land Degradation and its Cause