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It hardly appears desirable for all managers to set their targets simultaneously. It tends to be more effective if the company has differentiated between its needs for appraising performance and its needs for a system of performance reporting.

Being honest is easy when you have something positive to say.

Performance appraisal process

Study personnel data: turnover, demotions, promotions, and the availability of qualified candidates when filling positions. It also has the virtue of allowing comparisons between units under the new program and those not yet involved. Are performance expectations clear? Making the Transition How does an organization move over to this kind of performance appraisal? Constructing an effective performance appraisal program requires collaborative work with compensation and benefits specialists to determine allocations for salary increases, incentives and other monetary rewards. There is a danger that overformalization of the paper work may lead to the situation of the tail wagging the dog. Leadership training for performance appraisal programs includes discussion about why performance management is essential in the workplace; how to evaluate employees objectively and absent supervisor bias or error; and how to conduct face-to-face meetings with employees to deliver their performance appraisals. In checking results, we feel the superior should do all he can to emphasize successes—to build on successful accomplishment. Is the superior qualified to choose one or more trait names or adjectives which correctly portray Bill as a person? As suggested earlier, a promotion-minded individual can ask to see the target program of a position he seeks and use the information to prepare himself for the job and enhance his candidacy.

This, by its nature, means that you will have to give the employee negative feedback. Therefore, implementing a program that meets employer and employee needs affects overall business success. Kindall draws on 23 years of experience in personnel management.

Determine how your supervisors and managers will handle performance issues that arise and what documents the company uses to track performance that falls below the company's expectations.

More companies now incorporate some form of self-appraisal into their performance management systems.

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Positive Program for Performance Appraisal