Edward snowden and the nsa leaks

District Court for the District of Maryland. Later stories, including those in The Washington Post, disclosed other snooping and how U. These interceptors could seize data directly from the cables, with intelligence agents then closely observing and analyzing that data for anything that they might deem interesting or worthy of further investigation.

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It revealed that a secret court order was allowing the U. It was his first public appearance since he left Hong Kong on June Please join us in So what do they do? Leftist Latin American leaders and activists were fuming after some European nations temporarily refused Morales' plane access to their airspace amid suspicions Snowden was aboard.

Snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife," he said. Before then, many people had laughed off the thought of the NSA spying on their phone calls and taking their data behind their backs. The Intercept, an investigative publication with access to Snowden documents, published stories on both subjects.

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Join Our Newsletter! Joel Melstad, a spokesman for the counterintelligence center, said five U. Stroebele returned from the meeting with a letter from Snowden to German authorities, which was distributed to the media. The Sunday Times said it was not clear whether Russia and China stole Snowden's data or whether Snowden voluntarily handed it over to remain at liberty in Hong Kong and Moscow. PRISM, it turned out, has been a major source of intelligence for NSA reports, and it was a terrifying thing for the general public to learn about. People did respond, however, through protests, debates, and demonstrations, as well as encouraging each another to start focusing more strongly on protecting privacy and anonymity online. Google and Yahoo both released statements to deny any awareness of the surveillance and express their shock and dismay, with Yahoo even taking action to encrypt its connections.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. The initial story showed that Verizon, one of the biggest telephone companies around, was forced to provide the NSA with data and records for almost all of its customers.

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How Americans have viewed surveillance and privacy since Snowden leaks