Different types of cars

City car There should be no problems describing a city car, which is a small, fuel-efficient vehicle that is best suited to urban driving. The easiest way to define a vehicle is by how it looks.

types of cars names

Hatchback Defining the hatchback is far simpler than pinpointing the origins of the body style. In addition, minivans drive and handle just like a car, with the bonus of better visibility due to a higher center of gravity and an upright driving position.

The family cars can be divided into two groups: Small and Large Family Cars — They refer to hatchbacks and small-size saloons and estate models.

car body types

Body style is the easiest way to categorize a vehicle. The enclosed trunk offers security, while the rear doors allow easy entry for rear-seat passengers.

car models

Compact MPVs soon followed, often based on the platform and mechanicals of traditional family hatchbacks.

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Car classification