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You got no proof man. What is a good leader Instead this makes him appear to have no self control. Whereas, for Sgt.

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Enough credible—i. Thought Sgt. The Battalion identified the village of Wanat as a location that would support the development of local governance, economics and security; would serve as a blocking position in the Wygal valley seven kilometers north of the Battalion's command post at Camp Blessing and eight kilometers south of a platoon-sized combat outpost named Bella that the Battalion wanted to close; and could be supported by a ground line of communication. There was racial brawling in the rear—hostility at, say, battalion headquarters—and the closest thing to the complete suppression of racial antagonism that is possible in the United States in rifle squads on patrol. In a sense, the U. To say this is the best Vietnam war movie to date is to say far too little. Oliver Stone's war film Platoon is an exampleof the religious subtleties and overtones that appear invarious American genres. I personally understand how much this can influence a soldier especially those who are still trying to figure out their leadership styles. To me he was everything that I learned a leader should be this early in my army life. Cawley understood and detested this.

This and much else is acutely sensed and expressed in the film, the pervasive fear that grows as the twilight and the isolation of being in a foxhole deepen and keep men who look my age sitting in their seats till long after the credits have run.

This was the home of 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division. You are one simple son-of-a-bitch!

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He is assigned to a platoon that is stationed somewhere near the border of Cambodia; Cambodia was off limits to any American infantry As the company began to settle into their assignment attacks on the soldiers began to happen. I attempted to separate becoming and Platoon Sergeant from my experiences during my first combat deployment, but found it difficult to separate the feelings they somehow feel detachable from each other.

Critical essays on platoon

It is much more than a recruiting tactic used by the Silent Drill Platoon to draw civilians to military service. This is done in innumerable ways, many of them very subtle.

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