Comparing where are you going where have you been and smooth talk

Connie walks toward the house where she is lovingly greeted by her remorseful mother apologizing for slapping her in an earlier scene.

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At first Connie thinks it's interesting and she flirts with him. The movie however, seems to fall short in this build up of emotion, and gives an ending which is resolute, and in some ways cliche.

Where are you going where have you been analysis

The confrontation between Connie and Arnold Friend is a fearful and alarming one. The short story Where Are You Going Where Have You Been like all short stories is short The short story is a total of twelve pages long and begins with roughly a two page description on Connie and her family. That is not always a good idea because you never know Where Are You Going? The song says that "the sky too is folding under you" which echoes the scene where Connie's legs get weak as Arnold is talking to her through the door. Where have you been? At the end of the time allotted, the groups should have some sort of solution with justification and be. James Dean regarding himself in mirrors, doing James Dean impersonations? Smooth Talk chooses to focus and explore more on the dysfunction between Connie and her family especially the one with her mother rather than for example finding out more about the character Arnold Friend. The example essays in Kibin's library were written by real students for real classes.

She had the worst relationship with her mother and her relationship with her father was not explained because he was not home much. The human mind holds to key to the breaking and building of an individual.

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Who wrote this essay? The strangers name is Arnold Friend and his intentions though unclear at first, become more and more evident as the conversation between him and Connie unravels.

smooth talk analysis

Then her sister June walks in, and instead of the two butting heads like they did throughout the entire film, Connie embraces her and they start dancing.

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A Comparison of Smooth Talk, a Movie and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, a Story