Building technology notes

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The moisture content must be in equilibrium with that of the atmosphere. This is caused by the exposure to the elements and poor stacking in the process of seasoning and usage. Land use The owner or client must be sure that the land can be used for the intended purpose.

The tree is a living organism, the components parts performing specific life functions.

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Historical issues that should be of concern to the purchaser are: 1. Accurate moisture content readings are readily available at any time.

Conduits 3. They usually occur along the ends of lumber.

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Deep-strip Foundations These foundations are used in shrinkable clay soils to reduce the cost of normal strip foundation in depths of mm or more, and to counteract the variable soil conditions in different seasons. With such a thickness they usually have a width of 1.

Building technology notes

Holes are normally bored to a depth of 2. They consist of a series of short concrete pile cast in holes bored in the ground and joined or connected for load bearing walls by light beams usually of reinforced concrete. Products like CLT are flexible, strong, and fire resistant. Premise- A term used to describe collectively a piece of property as well as any buildings or structure on it. This information pertains to behavior of the veneer and steel studs, differential movement, anchors, air space, detailing, selection of materials and construction techniques. Moisture content When a tree is felled it contains a great deal of moisture. Plastics are usually by products of Petro-Chemicals.
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Construction Technology