An analysis of the proper ethics in animal experiments or testing

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Gluck appears to think that if others have not arrived at his same conclusion it must be because of their failure to engage in moral reasoning. In 34 out of 38 cases, they found against the anti-vivisectionist groups, either supporting complaints about anti-vivisectionist literature, or rejecting the complaints by anti-vivisectionists about the literature from medical organizations.

His scholarly interests include both traditional philosophy and applied philosophy. Life expectancy in the U.

In essence, the research community had failed to meet societal expectations for the proper treatment of research animals.

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Nevertheless, the use of the 3Rs is crucial to continuously reduce the number and suffering of animals in research. The benefits of animal research have been enormous and it would have severe consequences for public health and medical research if it were abandoned.

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She would enter the facility, play with each dog, draw the blood, and then give the dog a treat.

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The ethics of animal research. Talking Point on the use of animals in scientific research