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Many students push to be involved in as many activities as possible to catch the attention of admissions officers or. Concentrating on only one field is important in terms of developing expert knowledge and specialization, but it is also crucial that the student hone a well rounded knowledge of the nature of the world so that their field of specialization is accented with courses from outside disciplines as well.

It compares the coursework that states require for students to graduate high school against what is needed for college admissions and other key college- and career-readiness benchmarks, like a well-rounded education.

For example, if you were an admissions officer, who would you pick: the kid who is active in 5 clubs, has above-average stats, volunteers at 3 different places but hasn't done anything notable or the kid who is in 1 club, has beyond above.

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Therefore, a content-rich curriculum is not just a necessary building block for educational attainment but for comprehension beyond the classroom. A student studying medicine, for example, clearly needs to focus the majority of their time on understanding the inner workings of the human body on a scientific level.

Therefore, university policies should encourage students to accent their study of a specific discipline with outside courses that will enhance the breadth of their knowledge about the nature of the world.

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A Well Rounded Student An Analysis Of Core Curriculum