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He recites the story of his life, has visited many nations in the world but none which effected him so much like his five- year stay on Utopia.

Michel Foucault, in a lecture titled Of Other Spaces given inpursues a similar aim.

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The utopia is read always by the personalization of it, including conquering of its hierarchy; readers necessary identify themselves as ones on the top of the political structure described, and that imagination inspires the quest for the better government in reality. Letters are printed from More to Giles which refer to Raphael as though he were a real person. This trip brought home to More the disparity between those that looked after the sheep which produced English wool and the landlords who earned the money. The thoughts of More and Benjamin, writing at two ends of the trajectory of utopia, are joined in this tension between the force of a logic that wills itself the only legitimate world view and the ambiguity of a rhetorical reappropriation of this same logic. It was, as More perceived, the future. And remember, in when it was printed, there was no google maps and the new continent had many surprises, one of which could have been Utopia. Third, some surplus is sent abroad, as inexpensive loans, as foreign aid, or as finance for foreign armies for Utopia's defense. If they refuse to debate what kind of cultural policies might flourish under socialism, for example, they are being shifty; if they hand you a thick bunch of documents on the question, they are guilty of blue-printing. Utopia's court structure had similarities to that of the modern day. More also strongly opposed Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, judging them to be dangerous for the stability of the society. Biblical eschatology has been an important part of both Judaism and Christianity. There are not many texts that do either of these things, much less both, with comparable brilliance.

With his dangerous whims and passionate cruelty, Henry VIII typified the chaotic arbitrariness of personal power, yet he moved at the center of a sophisticated bureaucratic administration that made the idea of an abstract, impersonal form of government seem increasingly possible.

That certainly contributed to the development of the idea of a utopia. Foucault goes on to offer an analysis of these heterotopias and the principles that operate them cemeteries, prisons, brothels, colonies, fairgrounds.

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Christian apocalyptic writings such as Revelation are inspired by Jewish eschatology, and also appear in a context of difficulties for the early Christians.

A worthy criticism of Utopian social order is from the fact that it is based on these small societies, made up of willing, voluntary participants who have an attraction to that way of life.

It was a widely accepted idea that strict obedience of the law brings virtuous men joy and keeps society healthy.

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The best could include, for instance, longevity, high income, equal distribution of income, opportunities to advance in life, minimal use of environmental resources, religious freedom or overall happiness. It might be a great deal worse. It seems unlikely that the equanimity could stay the same when scaled up to the size of Utopia. With its clear rules, strict delineation of space, and fixed institutions, it is not easy to detach the genre from its associations with government. Nonetheless a couple of days a month the inhabitants go to farms and help out, nobody is above getting their hands dirty. We argue that Utopia is significant as a political text, but perhaps even more so as an economic text. Extreme punishments are continually used to keep Utopians from doing things that are not beneficial to the society as a whole or which are seen as morally wrong. The point was possibly to elicit change, but mainly just to get his readers thinking about common concerns and problems within their own societies and commonwealth. Michel Foucault, in a lecture titled Of Other Spaces given in , pursues a similar aim. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years … Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years. Indisputably, though, Utopia was well ahead of its time, and because of its economic depth could well accompany any introductory, or even more advanced, economics textbook as supplemental reading on the choices in society building.
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